Board Governance Software

Board governance is the framework that defines how a company is run. As businesses grow their meetings and boards need to expand. It can be slow and inefficient to use outdated methods, such as files-sharing or email apps. Board management software can make these processes much more efficient, allowing board members to concentrate on the most important things taking decisions that will propel the organization forward.

Digital board portals, as opposed to traditional board books, provide directors with an easy, secure location to access all meeting material and also communicate. Board members can utilize an intuitive interface to review and comment on documents in real time and simultaneously from different locations. They can create private or public discussion rooms and also communicate with one another directly through messaging tools. These tools allow directors to remain active prior to, during and even after meetings so that they can make informed decisions.

In addition to an easy-to-use interface, board portals should offer first-class security and accurate uptime data. Data encryption and secure application hosting are essential as is the capability to track every step and upload to ensure compliance. Director’s will be notified when it’s time to send electronic signatures, cast votes on open approvals or reply to surveys using features like reminders and notifications.

Govenda, an easy-to-use board governance software, is designed to make it simpler for directors and administrators check off their duties. It is simple to use, with a guided intuitive experience and flexible dashboards. It also provides security for enterprise with an AES 256 document encryption, multi-factor authentication as well as role and group-based permissions remote wipe, permanent purge and audit trail.